Director; Naruse Mikio 1937
Full Movie



Saeki Hideo as Kusaka Goro

Kiritachi Noboru as Fukiko

Edogawa Ranko as Ema Yayoi

Shiomi Yo as Mr. Kusaka, father of Kusaka Goro

Hanabusa Yuriko as mother of Kusaka Goro

Ubukata Akira as Keisuke, young brother of Yayoi

Maruyama Sadao as the father of Fukiko

Mishima Masao as Koyanagi, Fukiko's father's friend, attorney



Fukiko, a young newly wed wife, standing by window in kimono style, remembered the day a year ago, when she and Goro decided to announce to their families that they were going to marry. They sent the letter of the intent and waited at a hotel in Nagoya, to where they ran off together, just driven by impulse.
 Soon after Goro's father visited the hotel where the young couple stayed.
To Fukiko's surprise, Mr. Kusaka, Goro's father, accepted her warmly.
To his son, who asked the father to pay all the cost he spent, the father said kindly but firmly "I have paid all, but I will charge you all the cost including the travel money later."  Fukiko smiled behind Goro.
At Kusaka's home; it was Sunday, but Goro went out alone without saying where he was going to.
 Mr. Kusaka came in the room, noticed Fukiko wore kimono with classic hair style, and commented nicely. He found out Goro went out leaving Fukiko alone. He told her she must urge her husband to bring her out.
In the car; old Kusaka couple was going to a party. Mrs. Kusaka worried that their son was not satisfied with his wife, who was too docile. They liked Fukiko very much, but the mother was disappointed a little because Goro did not marry to Yayoi, who was Goro's girl friend since childhood. The father worried about Yayoi also, who lost parents and lived with her younger brother (It is guessed that the father was Yayoi's family friend, so he felt responsibility on them.)

In the forest; a couple walking, Goro and Yayoi.
Goro; "You blame me, but it was not only my fault, yours, too, because you didn't show me your true feeling."
Yayoi; "I was taught that most important feeling should not show easily. We were too close to each other, that is one reason for this. Anyway, it is too late."
Goro; "No, it is not! I would tell my father about us."
Yayoi; "No!, it is cruel to Fukiko-san."

At home; Fukiko looked Goro's family album and found Yayoi's existence everywhere.
Goro returned. Fukiko told him, Mr. and Mrs. Kusaka visited a party. Goro did not care anything, nor notice of Fukiko's hair style which she made for her husband.
Yayoi at home; she remembered the occasion that she was told Goro's marriage by Mr. Kusaka. Mr. Kusaka apologized Yayoi and told her they were disappointed as well but Yayoi said, "Do not worry about me."
Yayoi was confused by Goro's words in the forest today and felt guilty to Mr. Kusaka who cared her and her brother so well as family friend.
Goro faced his father,
"I am sorry to say this, but our marriage was a mistake."
Mr. Kusaka; "Do not say such thing lightly. You are a man. You must take responsibility on what you say."
Goro; "I felt responsibility very much. I admit it was my fault. However, I cannot leave this as it is, which would end with breaking up. Compromise does not help Fukiko. After all things considered I concluded that it is better to make my attitude clear than my unsatisfactory, ambivalent attitude, even if however cruel it is to Fukiko."
Mr. Kusaka; "In the world there are numerous unsatisfactory things. If you think you can fix every complain as you like, it is totally wrong. Ask anybody. A life of man is a succession of complain and discontent. To stand against that is the job of man. What's wrong with her?"
Goro; "Well, uh, I can't tell particularly."
Mr. Kusaka;  "She is very gentle and good girl. Your mother was against her at first, but she is satisfied now. I, too, like Fukiko very much."
Goro;"Yes I know Fukiko is gentle and good creature. But I believe this situation is not good for Fukiko as well as me."
Mr. Kusaka; "I don't understand your reason."
Goro; "I will make it clear -- I believer we should break up before we have to face more miserable result."
Mr. Kusaka; "Even if your act would make Fukiko unhappy?"
Goro; "I feel pity for her. But I have no choice. I cannot pretend to love her which is not true. Life is long."
Mr. Kusaka; "Yes it is true to Fukiko as well. And she believes you are the only husband in her life. You made her believe so. Think about your responsibility."
Goro; "I will take responsibility in other way."
Mr. Kusaka; "By your selfish way, isn't it? It is not acceptable. You are not living in a deserted island. You are living in a society where people live together. Anyone has his own duty."
Goro; "Father, are you saying I cannot do anything which I believe right in this world?"
Mr. Kusaka; "The conception of righteousness itself comes from humans society."
Goro; "If you say so, human life is nothing but in jail. I hate it."
Mr. Kusaka; "Watch your tongue. What kind of privilege do you think you have that allows you say such arrogant word."
Goro; "Because I am alive."
Mr. Kusaka; "Your idea is too young."
Goro; "Being young can be the reason to be accused?"
Mr. Kusaka; "Sure."
Goro; "No, sir! I don't like it. I can't deceive myself against what I believe, it is betrayal.
I know I have responsibility on my social life, but do you say that I have to accept it even if it is built on red lie and deception? That is a sin. I admit I was wrong and thoughtless. Are you saying my mistake cannot be made up?"
Mr. Kusaka; "But Goro, if you are not Kusaka Goro but an ordinary employee? Where do you think your luxury idea comes from?"
Goro; I know the life of ordinary employee. And I know rich men have mistresses and doing vicious conduct, I know many examples of couples who have no love between them cursing each other secretly yet they behave as if they  have good family. I hate such lie. I can't stand such deceived couple life."
Mr. Kusaka; "I think human life has more depth. It cannot be calculated like arithmetic. I cannot accept your idea, which is too selfish."
Goro; "But, father!"
Mr. Kusaka; "Try to live, you will find something. You have to protect the weak woman, especially you are married. To protect your wife is your duty."
Goro (monologue);"Husband's duty? How could possibly keep it in this age, without deceiving myself.
I have no financial worry. But it should not be a reason to be bonded by old moral. Time has changed since father's time. I would take my own way which I believe I am right."
Fukiko was waking street, she is going to visit her father.
Mr. Yokota, Fukiko's father's house; his friend Koyanagi, a lawyer, visited him after watching baseball. Exchanging greetings, the father teased Koyanagi who had watched baseball game in the rain.
Koyanagi;"How about Fukuko? Is she not expecting yet?"
Yokota; "Again!, not Fukuko, but Fukiko."
Koyanagi; "Whatever. Name is just a code."
Mr. Yokota; "I wonder if she can get baby or not, because she has been fine since childhood, but she is so slim."
Koyanagi; "Slim women unexpectedly reproductive, they say."
Fukiko arrived.
Yokota; "It is nice to see you, but what brought you here today?"
Fukiko; "Okaa-sama (mother-in-law) told me to show you this." Fukiko slightly shook her head.
Yokota; "Oh, that's hair. I have never seen you in that. Wonderful!. Come in, Koyanagi visited."
Fukiko and Koyanagi exchanged greetings.
Yokota; "Fukiko, you might not know, but I troubled him a lot in your marriage."
Probably, before Fukiko's marriage  Mr. Yokota asked his friend Koyanagi to check Goro's family and discussed with Mr. Kusaka about the procedures of the engagement and marriage.
Fukiko checked her father's closet and told maid Chiyo to dry fathers kimono when the weather is fine. It is guessed that she had been taking care of her father since mother's death.
Father was satisfied to hear that Fukiko and mother-in-law were getting well (that is the most concern of bride's parents.)
Father asked the maid to prepare sake and snacks, Fukiko offered a help to make father's favorite dish.
Koyanagi and Yokota continued their chatting;
Koyanagi; "Generally I hate rich man but Kusaka is different. He is a real man, samurai."
From their conversation we came to know that Kusaka was samurai in Tokugawa era and he now was successful in his business according to samurai business law, which was often ended in unsuccessful.
Koyanagi; "He has still a spirit of Feudal time in good way.
When he came to ask your daughter for his son's wife,  you didn't like the marriage at first because you thought they were typical new rich that you thought dirty."
Yokota; "Yes, I confess now, when I met him I recognized he is a man with real backbone."
Koyanagi; "That's you. You are a man in samurai age. If I am cultural minister, I put you in museum, as rare species of Tokugawa era."
Yokota; "If I am in museum, you are in zoo."
They laughed cheerfully.
Goro walking on a street and opened a telephone booth. He called Yayoi, a maid answered his phone and told him Yayoi is in the second house (in Kamakura).
Yayoi's second house; Yayoi is thinking while a nurse took care of Yayoi's brother Keisuke.
Keisuke; What's wrong with you, sis. You look strange since we arrived here.
Yayoi; "I am thinking what is like that humans is living as he or she is. We are living in no need to worry about money, I don't know it is happy or not. "
Keisuke; "You demand too much."
Yayoi told a story of prisoner in Siberia, that is, the prisoner was ordered to fill a bucketful soil, then empty it, endlessly. Even a strongest prisoner finally lost his mind. Meaningless task destroyed his sense.
Keisuke; "If you want meaningful life, you are woman, so,"
Yayoi; "I know, marriage, that what you want to say. It is said cleared (katadsuku) when a women got married. It sounds a burden was cleared or like that. But how can I trust a man for whole life. It is not easy to talk about wife's fidelity or husband's fidelity."
Keisuke; "Then, can you live in other way?"
Yayoi; "That is the question."

Yayoi's monologue; Yes, this doubt prevented me come to close to Goro. Is this because I am timid? 

Keisuke; "I wanted to ask you for one thing. Did you refuse due to me? If I die,"
Yayoi; "Don't say such thing."
Keisuke; "If I die you have to keep our family name on your shoulders. That's why you refused Goro-san?"
Yayoi; "Don't be silly."
Keisuke; "I don't care our family name. You are free from it."
Yayoi; "Yes, I don't mind about it either. I am acting freely."
Then the maid announced a visitor called Kusaka. Keisuke didn't want to meet Goro, left room quickly.
Goro and Yayoi walking on the street in Yuigahama, a resort area.
Goro; "I told father that I was going to divorce Fukiko, but he didn't understand. He is old fashioned type, after all. But I do what I believe true. If not, I am coward. Yacchan, you cared about people around you too much. Your conscience is always based on imaginary someone, that is just a sentiment. Be brave."
Yayoi; "I cannot think any independent conscience which is separated from society. " Yayoi turned back against him.
Goro (yelled); Yacchan, you are liar!"
Kusaka's home; Mr. Kusaka came home and found Fukiko alone again. Fukiko told him Goro visited his friend in Kamakura. Mr. Kusaka began to suspect something.
Mr. Kusaka entered his wife's room. Wife was just returned from a music concert. She said Tamura-san was grateful about flower which he sent. Mr. Kusaka was distracted, "Who is Tamura?" "Pianist Tamura, you remember," "Oh, I see."
He recovered himself, then said,
Mr. Kusaka; "I am thinking about Goro. I think I will concentrated on him from now on for several years. I was so busy and indifferent, leaving everything to you about our son. "
Mrs. Kusaka; "That's good idea, sir"
Mr. Kusaka; "He is bright boy, his knowledge is enormous."
Mrs. Kusaka; "Sure, the time is different. In these days young people knew many things, really."
Mr. Kusaka; "Yes, that is true. But their knowledge is not in order. They lack most important thing in order to organize their knowledge. They are clever and know how to rationalize perfectly for everything, but it is not integrated at all. This is serious matter. I worry about Goro's reckless nature. You think it is typical character in the young people today, but I feel Goro is desperate. He thinks he has clear purpose but actually he does not believe in the purpose. You know, he ran away to Nagoya with Fukiko, but he had no reason to do so."
Mrs. Kusaka; "But the issue was solved nicely, wasn't it?"
Mr. Kusaka; "No, you don't understand."
Mrs. Kusaka; "Are you saying I don't understand my own son?" Mrs. Kusaka was offended by his remarks.
Mr. Kusaka; "No, sorry, I apologize.
I appreciated your efforts so far, but the role of mother is getting difficult. This is very difficult matter."
Mrs. Kusaka; "Do you have something to worry about so seriously?"

Yayoi's resort house;
Yayoi; "Kei-chan, I am tempted to escape to my own happiness.
We have privileged life, but in the world people are suffering in poverty, our life is in bright side but on the back there is dark side. I think our happiness can be achieved when we are thinking only ourselves. Have you ever thought such thing?"
Keisuke; "I did, and I am thinking of it on this moment also. In this world, we must shut our eyes for others' unhappiness in order to be happy."
Yayoi; "I might be persuaded by Goro-san."
At Kusaka's company; Goro is working as an employee, Father phoned him for lunch.
At a restaurant;
Goro; "Father, you got something on your beard."
"Oh, is it?" Mr. Kusaka wiped his mouth. The chatted small talks.
After the restaurant, they began to walk on the street. Mr. Kusaka found something in the shopping window.
Mr. Kusaka; "Buy something for Fukiko, I will pay it."
Goro;"No sir."
Father; "Why?"
Goro; "Because there is no need."
Without a word Mr. Kusaka started to walk. Goro hurriedly followed him,
Goro; "Sir, I will accept your offer."
Mr. Kusaka; "The gift is paid by me, but it is you who give it. Without your sincerity it is nothing. I will not allow you to do merciless thing to anyone. I hate a person who does not care to make someone unhappy. That is the lowest level of human."
Goro said nothing and entered in the shop, the father followed.
At the shop;
Goro; "Which one is good, father?"
Father; "You must choose."
Goro; "How about this?"
Father; "If you think it is good, that's OK."
Kusaka's house;
Fukiko was happy with new bag, given by Goro. She show it to Mr. Kusaka. Mr. Kusaka gave her nice comment but he looked worry. While Fukiko prepared tea he made a phone call to someone -- it was Yayoi. Yayoi's house maid answered him Yayoi is in Kamakura.
At a restaurant in Kamakura;
Yayoi and Goro are drinking, Yayoi seemed depressed.
Goro; "Don't think anything else as far as you and me spending time together."
Yayoi; "Can you do that? When you are with me, don't you think about Fukiko-san? Don't you pity her?"
Goro; "I think only one thing at a time."
Yayoi; "Oh, then, when you are with Fukiko-san, you forgot about me?"
Goro; "Do you think so?"
Yayoi; "It is better for you to forget me after all."
Goro; "You start again your lie, Yacchan. Stop talking, let's dance."
Yayoi came home and found Mr. Kusaka waiting her. Mr. Kusaka was playing card game.
Mr. Kusaka; "I cannot collect all the queens, I tried ten times already. Maybe I should stop here."
Feeling guilty, Yayoi started to sob.
Mr. Kusaka; "I am sorry, Yacchan, we had no other choice. Will you give up?"
Yayoi nodded in sob.
Mr. Kusaka; "Yes, patience. Let us help you to find a way for your happiness. As a matter of fact this has been a long time homework of our couple.
 Goro is inexcusable.
 Our Fukiko does not deserve as your competitor. If she is told to sit there, she would sit forever. She believes people. If someone cheats her she accept that is because she is stupid. No resistance. We will be defeated by her nonresistance, after all.
 We think you are our daughter, Yacchan, you will be forever."
Goro came in.
Yayoi avoided him and rushed to her room. Mr. Kusaka told Goro "Let's go home."
Goro ran to Yayoi's room but she refused to open the door.
Mr. Kusaka; "Call the house and give a car here."
Goro; "No, sir. You did dirty trick."
Mr. Kusaka; "Watch your tongue. We are father and son. It is you who did dirty trick."
Goro; "But father, it is you who forced me to lie. I told you I don't like it from the beginning."
Mr. Kusaka; "I know. Lied or not, whose responsibility or not, that is not a matter. There is more important thing. You are bright and knowledgeable boy but your knowledge is just on paper. Your brain is full of papers. You use such paper knowledge in order to excuse your unlawful act and make shown it as if right. What I see wrong is your real intention. This is worse than an ordinary wrongdoing which was done without thinking. It is mean as human."
Goro; "I think I am more sincere than you thought. I want to do right thing which I believe right. I don't want to betray my belief. Yes, I hate to live like you adult man,  who deceived yourself in tremendous dynamics."
Mr. Kusaka; "That is the paper wisdom. Your unhappiness is came from your boundless knowledge. It is just knowledge."
Goro; "You are stranger. To the eye of young people you are stranger."
Mr. Kusaka; "If you determine so, OK. I am also prepare it. If you keep your unethical act I will cut the tie with you manfully.
However, this is my favor to advise you, you are Kusaka Goro who is standing on Kusakas' money."
Goro; "Are you threatening me, father?"
Mr. Kusaka; "No, this is sympathy, I pity you. So what is your choice? Are you going to abandon your paper-like thin sincerity, or do you rely on your power after cutting my support?"
Upstairs Yayoi is deep in thought in her room.
After a moment Goro said father,
"OK. I surrender. I would become liar. "
Goro and Fukiko sitting in the long-distance train.
Goro decided to kill himself and Fukiko for the revenge against father.
Goro; "Fukiko, let's go Nagoya where we travelled first time together. We take same hotel"
Fukiko; "But we didn't tell we would go so far."
Goro; "That's OK. We can send them telegram."
At hotel room;
Fukiko was happy to see familiar scenery from the window.
On the other hand Goro was deep in thought. He encouraged himself to clear themselves, by double suicide. He went out the room telling Fukiko he was going to send a telegram, but actually to buy poison.
He returned. Sitting on a chair, he began to think again.
Goro (monologue); "Why should I kill myself? It is enough just to show them we tried double suicide. She can die in happiness. No one think it is murder. Why couldn't I realize that before?"
Goro reached Fukiko,"Are you happy?"
Fukiko;"Yes, I am."
Goro; "Fukiko, if I ask you to die together, can you do that?"
She smiled.
Goro; "This is not a joke. I ask you seriously."
Fukiko; "You don't need to ask me."
Goro; "I want to hear your answer."
Fukiko; "Fukiko's answer is given."
Goro; "OK. Then you can die with me?"
Fukiko; "Why did you say such thing?"
Goro; "You don't know, but I have a reason to do so." He showed her the drug.
Goro (monologue); "Now, I have to complete this."
Fukiko; "Why?"
Goro; "Reason? I am not going to tell the reason. I don't want to tell."
Fukiko; "But, at least tell your father. Please."
Goro; "OK. You don't understand me, after all." Goro turned his back to Fukiko.
Fukiko; "I am sorry. I would do anything whatever you said."
Goro; "I would not force you if you don't like."
Fukiko; "No, I am yours. If you tell me die, I think I can die happily any time."
Their eyes were locked. He wavered.
Goro (monologue): "Be strong. Do not lose."

Fukiko; "Is this because Yayoi-san?"
Goro (got upset); "What are you talking? What is Yacchan with this?"
Fukiko; "Was I wrong?"
Goro; "Yacchan is nothing to do with this. Stop crying or a bellboy would hear us."
Goro convinced her Yayoi was not the problem.
Fukiko; "I am sorry. I thought you loved Yayoi-san and was suffering. I am ashamed myself."
Goro remembered his father's remarks, "Your head is full of papers. When you try to do something outrageous you used the paper knowledge in order to show it reasonable. It is worse than ordinary wrong doings which is done openly. A simple thoughtless wrongdoing by a man in low level is more beautiful than that."
Goro (monologue) ; "I am not defeated by father. This is different which I didn't know before."

Goro; "I am sorry. It was lie. No, we don't kill ourselves. It was lie."
At the seashore; Yayoi and Keisuke walking with dog.
Keisuke; "Sis, I am much better now.  Why don't you go abroad for a change?"
Yayoi; "No need. Having quiet life like this is the most suitable to us. Nothing can change."


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