Rainbow Hill               

 Director : Ootani Toshio 1938

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#Kishii Akira as Yatahachi
#Takamine Hideko as Yuri
#Kanda Chizuko as Fujiko
#Mihashi Koh as Mr. Hayakawa
#Murase Sachiko as Mrs. Hayakawa
#Yamada Nagamasa as Mr. Mizutani

The hotel in Gora, Hakone, was a hot spring resort hotel for rich people. Yatahachi was working there as porter as well as handyman. He was living with little sister who was also working in the hotel as shopkeeper.
The Mizutani family arrived at Gora station where Yatahachi was waiting and welcomed the family that was his main job.
Mr. Mizutani found Mrs. Hayakawa in the Hotel and exchanged greetings. Unlike Mizutani family who had many children Mrs. Hayakawa looked lonely but she said her husband would join her in the weekend.

Mrs. Hayakawa and Yuri became good friends, Mrs. Hayakawa gave Yuri many small gifts including books and chie-no-wa, puzzle ring. Yuri could disentangle it easily but Yatahachi was struggling. Watching them Mrs. Hayakawa said in smile, "You are so attached each other, like the puzzling ring."
With a permission of the Hotel manager, Mrs. Hayakawa brought out Yuri to the lake boat trip and had a happy day. A couple of days later Yuri wanted to go mountain hiking, but Yatahachi was busy so she asked Yatahachi's girlfriend Fujiko to bring her to the hiking. Fujiko and Yuri went to the mountain together where an accident happened, Yuri fell from a cliff. Yuri was rescued by a group of hikers.
Informed the accident Yatahachi rushed to the place abandoning his job to receive an VIP at the station. The VIP was especially important to an important client of the hotel therefore the hotel manager was upset and Yatahachi was fired. Mrs. Hayakawa knew the accident and told the hotel manager it was unavoidable circumstances that Matahachi could not perform his duty, so Matahachi could be back to his position, rather higher position as regular staff.
Meanwhile Mrs. Hayakawa visited Yuri who was on bed at home, where Mrs. Hayakawa found an old doll on a side table. The doll was the only memento of Yuri's early life. Yatahachi and Yuri were not real family, Yuri was an orphan who was lost in the great earthquake and Matahachi took care of her since then. Mrs. Hayakawa lost her daughter in the earthquake and the doll was her daughter's. Mrs. Hayakawa wrote a letter to her husband in Tokyo, he hurried back to the hotel, and the parents and the daughter were reunited.

<Maya's critic>
It is a simple happy-ending story. In the movie they said simply the earthquake disaster, but by considering of the year when the movie was shot we know that it was Great Kanto Earthquake.

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